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Achieve your fitness goals with swim training plans, nutritional advice, gear recommendations and videos from our team of experts.

Ready for the #Make1KWet Challenge?

You're used to training for a 5K run or completing a 10k cycle, but is that really enough to push your fitness? What if you were to swap your 5K on the road or 10k on your bike for 1K in the water? Take part in the #Make1KWet Challenge by swimming for a kilometre, and test your results against your running routine!


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Swim Workouts

Improve your swim workout with over 200 Speedo swim workouts

Whatever your fitness goals, Speedo's Swim Workout is designed to push your training routine to the next level. Developed by our experts, Swim Workout's water‐fitness workouts ensure that you get the most from every swim.

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The best fitness plan is the one that you change

Discover how Richie Porte and Annie Emerson use swimming to master their skills for cycling and running.


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Get in gear with your Challenge Starter Kit

If you're serious about taking on the #Make1KWet Challenge, then you'll want to be prepared with the right swimwear and accessories. We've got a great selection suitable for your swim training challenge; all you need to do is choose which you like the best!


Style to match your lifestyle

Whether you swim to win, want the competitive edge in the pool, or just want to take the beach by storm, there's a swimsuit design for you.

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Tips, tools and techniques to help you master your fitness goals

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Give yourself an extra boost in the water.

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Technology that empowers your workout.


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