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Date 24-01-2018

Wear it Well- Picking the Best Swimsuit For Comfort and Style

Know exactly what to look for during your next swimwear shop. This essential advice covers areas from fabrics and straps to colours, prints and bust support.

Wear it Well: Picking the Best Swimsuit For Comfort and Style

How do you choose your swimwear? Consider what kind of workout you’ll most often be doing. For example, if you prefer long swimming sessions, go for a suit which features stretchable, chlorine-resistant fabric and an open back that’ll allow your movements more freedom. It’s ultimately about finding whatever you’ll feel most happy and comfortable in.

What are the best fabrics for the pool?

You’ll want a swimsuit that can keep up with your fitness goals. Stretchy fabric will make your swim more comfortable for long training sessions. And, if you’re potentially getting serious about the pool, then consider a fabric with proper compression that will help reduce drag, making it easier to speed through the water and hit that new time.

Which designs give bust support?

Depending on your body shape, the choices range from the light support of an underband to the high support of a mesh and compression design. Thicker straps can also provide support as you push off that pool edge.

What’s the right swimsuit back?

When trying on a swimsuit, don’t forget to stretch and wriggle. Do some ‘air swimming’ to make sure the swimsuit fits when you move around as you would in the pool. Choosing the right swimsuit back design will make you all the more comfortable.

When looking for a swimsuit that will be ideal when swimming for fitness, plump for a suit with a ‘training back.’ These all allow you to correctly reach and stretch while swimming without the straps impeding your arms and shoulders.

There are four main types of training backs:


These are ideal for both racing and training sessions


This is very similar to the muscleback, except the panel on the X of the back is much thicker so gives more support.


If you are looking for a swimsuit that is ideal for regular swimmers, this is it. Also, it provides good support if you have a large bust.


The thin straps allow for maximum flexibility and for those who swim outside in the summer months will help minimise tan lines.

(CAPTION: LEFT TO RIGHT: Muscleback, Racerback, Rippleback)

Which swimsuit prints and styles most flatter?

Bright colours or something more subtle? Prints or panels? Keep an open mind when it comes to style as there are lots of great options. For some help with contouring, it’s all about where you draw the eye. A bright waistband will make your waist look visually smaller, whereas prints can make a bold statement while distracting from the tummy or thighs. Meanwhile, colour-blocking and panels lead the eye to certain areas, for example, a neon pink stripe is likely to stand out.

If you’d like a swimsuit that really flatters, seek out one with tummy control and all-over body shaping fabric. A clever cut and design can work small wonders. As for necklines, a deep V shape will elongate the top part of your body but if you’re after something sportier, you might opt for a higher neckline for added comfort.

How about a tankini?

These two-pieces can be twice the fun, flaunting a tanktop-style upper half and bikini bottoms or shorts. With the extra coverage you’ll have no worries when it comes to speeding around the water or hanging out on the poolside. Tip: Take care to fit both pieces properly to make sure the top half won’t ride upwards.

What about bodysuits and kneesuits?

If you want to show less skin, these can be a fantastic option. The various leaps and turns of an aqua-fit or Zumba™ class will pose no challenge, thanks to the support of the extra material. Tip:Go for soft and stretchy fabric for real style and comfort.

Any other swimwear pointers?

Adjustable straps can save the day if you need the suit to be a little larger or smaller. Don’t forget to make sure the fabric scores a high rating of UPF protection if swimming outdoors. And unless you’re only partial to dips in your local lake, you’ll want a swimsuit that’s 100% chlorine-resistant so you won’t need to replace it anytime soon.