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Speedo Says...

Date 24-01-2018

Fitting Swimming into a Busy Lifestyle

Figure out ways to squeeze a swim into your schedule, no matter how hectic it gets. From finding different pools to swimming with friends, read our useful tips.

6 simple ways to make it part of your busy lifestyle

Some days it feels like there’s too much to pack in. So how do you make time to swim? Look for ways to fit a trip into your normal schedule – you could find a pool near your office or supermarket, for example, or swim while your kids are having lessons. Making it a sociable activity helps too ­– meet up at the pool rather than for cake.

Set your alarm earlier

Only if – however – you are a morning person. For those that wake up naturally feeling refreshed and hungry, an early-morning splash will kick-start your metabolism and help to energise you for the day ahead. Stick with these early swims for 30 days and they’ll start to become second nature until, chances are, you’ll even look forward to them.

Evening person? Make time later in the day

According to Speedo’s sleep expert, Nick Littlehales [add link to his video here], the best time to swim for ‘PMers’ is early evening – between 6pm and 8pm.

Turn swimming into a social activity

If you always find time to see a friend, switch your catch-up venue to the pool. An aqua Zumba™ or aerobics class will get you both grinning, while swimming lengths can be spiced up by mixing in drills and setting each other challenges.

If that’s not enough, you can always grab a coffee together afterwards. Or you could join a local swim club, a great way to make new friends while enjoying the pool. Embracing the social side of swimming can be a great way to make it a permanent fixture in your diary.

Exercise while your kids have lessons

Seize the chance to enjoy your own workout. While the kids are being taught a vital life skill nearby, you can burn some calories and up those ‘happy hormones’ with a few laps.

Kids not in lessons? You could take them swimming anyway. Set them challenges such as diving to retrieve toys from the bottom of the pool and play a few games. While they’re kept busy, you can tread water or run on the spot, making sure you’re as active as possible for maximum fitness points.

Find other pools in your area

You don’t need to visit your nearest pool. How about the one down the road from your office? Near a friend’s house? On the way to your childminder’s? Work out ways to combine trips and make life easier on yourself. The Speedo On app can help you to find a whole range of pools in your area and beyond so you can always find somewhere for a splash.

Join the HIIT squad

Short on time but crave real results? Gear yourself up for some high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Your mission is to swim as fast as you can, quickly tread water or run on the spot (keeping knees high) for 20-30 seconds a pop. Afterwards, either rest or slow to a medium pace, then repeat as many times as you can.

Even a 20-minute session will give you real benefits – burning fat, improving endurance and giving cardiovascular fitness a run for its money.

Make swimming part of your wind-down ritual

Forget the TV in favour of a quiet swim in the evening. Amid the blue reflections you can take stock of the day and give yourself a gentle workout, helping you to sleep better come bedtime. For extra relaxation wins, enjoy the sauna afterwards or have a drink in the pool cafe.