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Speedo Says...

Date 09-05-2017

SWIM (Safety When It Matters) - Cambodia

With six children in Cambodia drowning each day, we quickly identified the nation as a key focus area for Swim Generation in an effort to help eliminate the 2,000 water-related deaths that occur each year.

SWIM Cambodia's aim is to stop children drowning in Cambodia. To achieve this goal, they are training and equipping Cambodian volunteers to educate children and communities in the crucial pillars of water safety, safe rescue and resuscitation skills (CPR with rescue breaths).

In November 2016, with the support of Speedo, 6 staff from iCAN British International School received training in water safety and CPR skill delivery. Passionate to pass on lifesaving skills, these new volunteer SWIM Cambodia trainers went on to teach in Phnom Penh and two villages in Prey Veng province. Over three days they trained 270 people (177 children and 93 adults) from local communities in Water Safety awareness and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation with Expired air ventilation (CPR) skills.

So far in 2017, SWIM Cambodia have taught another 15 volunteer trainers, bringing a total of 21 volunteer SWIM trainers. The SWIM trainers have travelled to Prey Veng and Kampong Thom provinces to teach communities at risk of drowning. The new trainers with Youth Star will go on to teach children in Water Safety and CPR as part of their education work in Kratie and Prey Veng provinces.

SWIM Cambodia has successfully trained more volunteer trainers this year with their partners iCAN British International School and Youth Star and have delivered community reduction through M’Lop Tapang. They are looking for key partnerships and national registration to expand their work to reach many more children and caregivers.


Survival Swimming

SWIM Cambodia are planning ways to begin in—water teaching, using the second part of the Aquatic Survival Programme (ASP) (RNLI, et al). Before this begins it is vital that safety is assessed in terms of capacity, competency and training of trainers, teacher-pupil ratio’s and safe water environment. If SWIM Cambodia can secure adequate funding, Survival Swimming will be taught deploying a team of full-time trainers. The ideal for this would be teaching children in a familiar surrounding, such as a river, pond or the sea. If taught within an in-land body of water, SWIM Cambodia would ensure safe building of a frame structure, similar to those made in Bangladesh for teaching. SWIM Cambodia will be focusing fundraising efforts to enable them to add swimming as another protective level against child drowning.

Drowning facts for Cambodia:

  • 2094 Cambodian children die from drowning each year

  • On average, six children die from drowning every day, that’s one child every four hours.

  • Out of all children who survive, 50 of those children live with a permanent disability

  • Most children who drown are aged 1 to 4 years

  • 95 % of children over the age of four who died from drowning could not swim

Project achievements:

SWIM Cambodia - Numbers trained and educated

Safety: 588 more people safe

Livelihoods: 21 teachers trained

Support Provided: Donation of funds