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Fastskin Prime


Fastskin Prime Goggles

Fully customisable, totally unique

Each Fastskin Prime goggle pack contains all of the elements required to produce up to 16 different colour combinations.

Speedo Goggles
Introducing our Fastskin Prime, Speedo's most hydrodynamic goggle

Engineered for racing, its sleek, hydrodynamic form is designed to enhance performance by minimising drag. The wide-vision anti-fog lenses provide excellent clarity and uninterrupted 180-degree peripheral vision.

Storage pouch Interchangeable nose bridges UV Protection Wide Vision Mirror Lenses

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Fitted with IQFit Technology

Introducing IQfit™, our most advanced goggle technology, ever. Engineered for serious swimmers, Speedo IQfit goggles feature a patented 3D seal and strap tensioning scale for our most secure fit yet

IQFit 3D goggle seal

Developed using knowledge from Aqualab's global head scanning research, the unique seal hugs the contours of your eye, without leaving marks, to ensure maximum leak resistance and accuracy of fit – even during starts and turns.

IQFit Strap

Our patented goggle strap features a tensioning scale that allows you to achieve a consistently accurate and secure fit, every time you swim. With significantly less strap tension required, your goggles feel more comfortable, leaving you free to focus on your performance.

Fully FINA approved.
The latest addition to the IQfit™ family delivers a precision, leak-free fit and includes a mirror lens.