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Date 09-05-2017
Aquatic Survival Programme (Sudan)

The Aquatic Survival Programme is an initiative that commenced in 2015 as part of the 5-year strategic plan of Nile Swimmers. The project aims to raise awareness about water safety and have every schoolchild in Sudan, around the River Nile Valley familiar with key water safety advice.

Swim Generation has donated funds to support Nile Swimmers and help reach more children in local communities. This work will be carried out between July and December 2017 with primary and secondary schools, aiming to reduce drowning incidents that involve children aged between 5 and 18 years old. Water safety messages are also extended to the wider community to ensure that the programme reaches as many people as possible.

Drowning facts for Sudan*:

  • The rate of drowning in some villages near Khartoum is nearly twice as high as the rate of drowning the WHO estimates for Africa (15.7/100,000 compared to 7.9/100,000).

  • Anecdotes suggest that migrant brick workers are at particularly high risk with one supervisor saying 6-7 men drown each month in a single village with a migrant population of roughly 7000.

  • The Sudanese Water Police who are responsible for water rescue have approximately 200 people to cover over 2800 km of the River Nile, White Nile and Blue Nile in Sudan.

Project achievements:

Stay tuned for updates, as this project is live

To find out more about Nile Swimmers visit:

*Source: Nile Swimmers