Speedo Watershorts


Fun, sporty or cool – whatever your style we have watershorts to match.


Watershorts / Boardshorts

The Original Watershort

With over 80 years of experience, we’ve designed our range of watershorts to combine style with practicality.

All our shorts are packed with unique features, including :

• Pockets that let water out to prevent the problematic ballooning effect.

• Quick dry – no need to drip-dry before returning to your towel.

• Shake it off with our specialised sand-management system – a series of dots that remove sand when brushing down your shorts.

• Mesh linings, drawstring waists and velcro flys for improved comfort and allow for ultimate flexibility.

Fancy a few laps in the pool? Or just cooling yourself down in the heat, there’s a style for all activities ranging from 15” - 22” in length.