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Ryan Lochte

  • Team: United States
  • Sport: Swimming
  • Date of birth: 03-Aug-1984
  • Discipline: Backstroke


Ryan competed in the 2009 13th FINA World Championships in Rome and came away with three Gold, and one Bronze medal. Ryan also broke the World Record in the 200m Medley event which was previously held by teamate Michael Phelps.

Ryan has enjoyed great success at the 2008 Olympic Games winning two Gold medals in the 200m backstroke and as part of the 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Team.

At the 2008 FINA World Swimming Championships, Ryan blew the competition away breaking 3 world records and winning 6 medals - 4 of them gold.

Most recently Ryan has gone on to add to his Olympic portfolio, winning gold in the 400m IM and 4 x 200m Freestyle relay, silver in the 200m IM and 4x 100m Freestyle relay and bronze in the 200m backstroke.

Records Held

200m Individual Medley (L/C), 1:54.10, 30th July 2009, Rome, ITA

4 x 200m Freestlye Relay (L/C) 6:58.55, 31st July 2009, Rome, ITA

200m Individual Medley (S/C) 1:51.56, 11th April 2009, Manchester,GBR

100m Individual Medley (S/C) 51.15, 13th April 2009, Manchester, GBR


He broke 3 world records at the 2008 FINA World Swimming Championships.

2012 Olympic Games

1st 400 m Individual Medley
1st 4×200 m Freestyle relay
2nd 200 m Individual Medley
2nd 4×100 m Freestyle relay
3rd 200 m Backstroke

2010 Pan pacific Championships USA

1st 200metres IM
1st 200metres Freestyle
1st 400metres IM
1st 4x200metres freestyle relay
1st 200metres backstroke
1st 4x100metres freestyle

2010 World Swimming championships (25m) Dubai

1st 200metres freestyle (championship record)
1st 200metres backstroke (championship record)
1st100metres IM
1st 200metres IM Gold(World record)
1st 400metres IM Gold (World record)
1st 4x100metres Medley relay Gold (championship record)
2nd 4x200metres freestyle relay

2009 13th FINA World Championships

1st 4 x 100metres Freestyle Relay
1st 200metres Individual Medley (World Record)
1st 4 x 200metres Freestyle Relay (World Record)
3rd 200metres Backstroke

2008 Olympic Games

  • 1st 200metres Backstroke (World Record)
    3rd 200metres Individual Medley
    3rd 400metres Individual Medley

2008 FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)

  • 1st 100metres Individual Medley (World Record)
    1st 200metres Individual Medley (World Record)
    1st 400metres Individual Medley
    1st 4x100metres Freestyle Relay (World Record)
    2nd 200metres Backstroke
    2nd 4x100metres Medley Relay
    4th 50metres Freestyle
    4th 4x200metres Freestyle Relay

2007 FINA World Championships

  • 1st 4 x 200metres Freestyle Relay
    1st 200metres Backstroke
    2nd 200metres Medley
    2nd 400metres Medley
    2nd 100metres Backstroke

2005 FINA World Championships

  • 1st 4x200metres Freestyle Relay
    3rd 200metres Individual Medley

2004 Olympic Games

  • 1st 4 x 200metres Freestyle Relay
    2nd 200metres Medley Relay
    3rd 200metres Backstroke