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Speedo Says...

Date 09-05-2017
The Ripple Effect – Northern Ireland (UK)

Spearheaded by the City of Belfast Swimming Club, The Ripple Effect supports the UK drowning prevention strategy, which aims to reduce drowning fatalities in the UK by 50% by 2026. Swim Generation joins the Royal Life Saving Society UK (RLSS UK) and Northern Ireland charity Hope for Youth to support this initiative.

The Ripple Effect will see a roll-out of swimming education outreach and applied survival and life-saving lessons across schools in Belfast initially and subsequently throughout Northern Ireland.

The initiative will target primary school children and Rookie lifeguards to make a difference to those already interested in water safety and those swimming for fun.

Drowning facts for the UK*:

– Around 400 people needlessly drown in the UK every year and thousands more suffer injury, some life changing, through near-drowning experiences.

  • One person dies every 20 hours in the UK. Drowning is

  • Drowning is also the third highest cause of accidental death of children in the UK

Project achievements:

Stay tuned for updates, as this project is live

To find out more about Hope For Youth visit:

*Source: RLSS UK