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Ready to take your fitness to the next level? We've put together all the products, tips and advice you need to do just that. Learn how training aids can step your workout up a gear and discover how to improve your swim technique for maximum fitness results via our videos and elite swim tips.

From kickboards to fins, training aids are a great addition to your swim kit, allowing you to work on your fitness, strength and technique. Discover how you can use them to help achieve your fitness goals with our expert videos and image gallery.


Improve your propulsion and concentrate on your fly kick technique.


Focus on your technique and body positioning without worrying about your breathing.


Help perfect your hand positioning and stroke technique for a more efficient swim.


Maximise your leg strength and improve your kick technique by working your lower body.


Hone your arm pull technique and perfect your hand positioning for a faster swim.


Improve your upper body strength and arm pull technique by isolating your legs.


A fast, fluid-looking swimming
stroke that combines front
crawl and flutter kicks.


A powerful swimming stroke
requiring upper body strength
and a scissor kick action.


A swimming stroke performed on
the back using flutter kicks and
alternating arm movements.


An explosive swimming stroke
characterised by circular arm
thrusts and dolphin leg kicks.


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