Making any product has an impact on the environment. The extent of this impact depends on the materials used to make the product, the way it is made, its journey from factory to consumer, and the way it is disposed of when no longer wanted.

Our efforts to reduce this impact include:

• Researching the water, waste and energy impacts of swimwear and goggle products.

• Giving our designers and suppliers the guidance they need to avoid the use of any potentially harmful substances.

• Considering the environment when we source packaging. For example, for our poolside footwear we have switched from shoe boxes to lightweight, recycled card hangers, saving around 18 tonnes of cardboard per year. We have also made our wristwatch packaging smaller and 88% lighter. All Speedo goggle packaging materials are Forest Stewardship Council certified, while all goggle, footwear and swimcap packaging can now be recycled.

• Choosing to ship our products by sea or by road, instead of by air, where possible.

We recognise that the factory processes used to manufacture our products have an environmental impact, predominantly through the energy they use and the waste and wastewater they generate. We are working with suppliers to understand and reduce these impacts by making manufacturing more efficient.

We look for alternative uses for excess material or stock. For example, we donate unsold LZR Racer suits as part of creative collaborations with ethical fashion brand From Somewhere and Chelsea College of Art and Design.